The Jingle Man- Philly Fringe Fest Cast Recording

by Christopher Tolomeo/Philadelphia Fringe Festival Cast

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This production of Christopher Tolomeo's musical, "The Jingle Man", was performed from August 31 through September 2, 2007 as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. The show was directed by Robert Kelly and music directed by Michele Ferdinand.


released October 1, 2007

Cast: Jim Norton, Jennifer Page, Timothy Moudy, Christopher Tolomeo, John Curtis, Jessica Latshaw, Gina Cipolloni, Ashley Christy, Carissa Lagano, Nicole Mariash, Michelle Affleck, Maureen Cotellese, Amy Smith and Jason Stump.



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Christopher Tolomeo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Christopher Tolomeo is an active multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, music director, composer, and conductor. He has appeared on nationally-released studio recordings (including Mercury Radio Theater and The Low Budgets), written/produced an original musical, and performed in numerous jazz bands, cabarets, and pit orchestras in the Tri-State area. ... more

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Track Name: Overture
Track Name: Opening Act I
Today the paper, tomorrow TV. We'll make you famous for a large fee. We're the Conway Agency.
We do it all here, from A to Z here. We'll even write the jingle for your lousy root beer. It's our job.
Here comes the boss, there goes our fun. When he comes 'round, we gotta run.
We'll make you shine, make you glisten with a "how-do-ya-do." And give all the glory to you!
Track Name: The Jingle Man
When I was a wee little lad, I listened to the radio with mom and dad. When I heard those catchy tunes I said "buy me this" and "buy me that."
I knew something 'bout those old sales pitches making all those old guys rich is what they want and you know I can, so here I am: I'm the jingle man!
Track Name: Jerry's Working on the Jingle
Jerry's working on the jingle; he won't stop until it's done. Always writing, always thinking; he won't stop to have some fun.
Don't throw your life away. Why don't you go outside today? It's a wonderful day!
So it's hopeless, ever hopeless. He's been working all week long to write a jingle...for a song.
Track Name: King of the Company
I will be king of the company!
Carefully climbing, step by step, by the means of my flawless reputation. My willpower I will willingly use to whip this workplace into matter the cost.
Track Name: The Answer is Love
You don't have to say something deep and profound. To win me over, just make a joyful sound.
Why do birds fly free? What makes blind men see? What word holds the key? The answer is love.
Doesn't Jerry see we were meant to be. And together there's music. I think that's love.
Track Name: Why Should We Say Goodbye?
Why should we say goodbye? Why should you leave this way? Why depart? Why not stay?
You're all I really want and if I haven't told you how I feel, then let me say it now (from my heart), you're part of me.
I love you. You should know I'll miss if you go. Goodbye...
Track Name: Finale Act I
Yes, I've finally done it; I've destroyed Jerry's career! The victory's sweet, my life is complete and now I have nothing to fear. Conway has no choice but to give his job to me. I just can't wait to be king of the company!
Track Name: Entr'acte
Track Name: Staring At This Page
Staring at this page, this blank page: alone I feel.
Staring at this page, this blank page; the rage I feel when nothing is coming to mind!
Track Name: Hey There, Pal
Hey there, pal. Remember me? I'm your friend, which makes me your buddy....your buddy!
Can't ya be happy? Even a little sappy? You can't be wishing you're someone that you're not. Can't you be thankful for what you got?
Track Name: A Man Who Plays Hard to Get
He needs to be neat and also discrete. And modest and so humble 'bout his brute manliness. He takes his time to woo me and dine. I'll be impressed by his knowledge of wine; he's the man who play hard to get.
Track Name: How Can You Dream?
How can you dream when your dream has gone? We'll see what fate has in store for me. Then I can be free to dream. How can I love? How can I live? How can I dream when my dream has gone?
Track Name: Jerry's Lament
Track Name: Behind the Scenes Change
Track Name: Woody's Toothpicks
There's a certain something that makes dining extra special and unique. This little thing of which I sing will enhance your enjoyment and also be chique.
Why get upset when the food eat gets stuck between your two front teeth? Use this device to make things nice. And don't forget this name, which does suffice.
Track Name: You Got Me
I hold you tight in my arms and yet that's not tight enough. No matter where you are, you got me.
I hold you close to heart and yet that's not close enough. I think you catch my drift, you got me.
I know it's hard to think that a girl like you ever love yours truly. But think of all the possibilities!
You are marvelous girl, and I am a lucky guy. That's why I say "you got me"!